The web is a booming source for live video. LiveU is the game changer that delivers on the promise of the Internet as a platform for live, professional-quality video streaming from anywhere.


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Web-Based Content Providers.

While satellite is cost-prohibitive for most online publishers, LiveU's robust cellular uplink backpacks are significantly more cost-effective and provide satellite-like quality. Moreover, LiveU frees your web streaming from Ethernet dependency, and provides a substantially more stable solution for streaming live video than utilizing a single aircard or other wireless connections.


Whether capturing the action on the sidelines, in the stands, while out on the road, or back in the locker room, LiveU puts sports franchises and leagues in direct contact with their fans, enabling professional-quality live content streaming directly to the organization's website.

Performing Artists

For musicians, stand-up comics, theater and dance groups and other performers, LiveU lets the artist or group stream video and offer their own live video channel, providing a cost-effective route to adding high-quality, live online content, and generating greater interest, higher album/song, merchandise, and ticket sales.

Brands and Enterprises

LiveU helps you capture the news and events that define the development of your brand or enterprise from your perspective and stream live video to the world over your own website.  LiveU is also an excellent medium for streaming live training sessions, keynote speeches, and more.

Religious Organizations

LiveU provides an additional dimension to freedom of religion, enabling a cost effective mode for live web streaming of sermons, religious services, spiritual panel discussions and special congregation events in your local community house of worship.

Field Production Flexibility

LiveU can also support inputs from a variety of field editing and switching devices, and therefore support multi-camera productions and real-time field editing when you stream live TV / stream video over your website.

Platform Flexibility

LiveU's products can be used for either streaming live TV or web/mobile transmission, and are compatible with virtually any CDN or live video platform. For more information to stream live broadcast and video streaming software, please visit our Technology page.

For more information, please contact us.

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