Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle Solutions

LiveU's next generation cellular and hybrid ENG vehicles provide broadcasters with a cost effective and versatile replacement to traditional satellite trucks. 

Vehicle Solutions

New Left Jeep Small

Full Cellular ENG Vehicles

The LiveU Xtender and LU210/220 combine to make a cost-effective ENG vehicle for live HD broadcasts while stationary or on the move. This type of cellular system is ideal for mobile vehicle production, moving weather centers and other news vehicles broadcasting in harsh conditions. 

Fox News NAB2017 SatVan

Hybrid Vehicles

Many customers are using LiveU technology in their existing production vans to create an extra robust mobile news vehicle. The Fox News 11 van displayed at LiveU’s outdoor booth at the 2017 NAB Show combined the power of the LiveU Xtender and rackmount encoder with satellite uplink technology for flexible high resiliency broadcasting.


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LiveU Xtender


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