Oct 2, 2019

LiveU Debuts New Truck Featuring Global IP Service During Multi-City Tour Across US

Global IP Offers Easy Conversion of Existing Satellite Trucks & Always-On Service

News affiliates across the US are making the investment in LiveU’s Global IP Service solutions for their live newsgathering operations. Global IP combines LiveU’s hardware-based HEVC encoding technology with cost-effective IP satellite service to provide guaranteed coverage wherever the story takes the stations. The best part? Broadcasters can use their existing satellite truck and easily convert it into a hybrid solution with on-demand IP satellite capabilities. LiveU is debuting its new truck outfitted with Global IP Service during its 50-city tour throughout the US this fall.  

“Global IP has been well-received by the industry. The unique workflow, ease of use, speed and quality of service, combined with the cost-savings, make it a viable solution for broadcasters,” noted Mike Savello, LiveU VP of Sales. “Global IP guarantees 100% reliability at the highest video quality. Broadcasters can use it as a backup to cellular when necessary.

The Benefits of Global IP
Simple installation on your existing satellite truck, SUV, or smaller van
Automatic least-cost routing – use satellite only when needed
Non-contended, dedicated 2Mbps uplink/2Mbps return
No streaming reservation required – service is always on and guaranteed
Pool your data across all vehicles and satellite terminals
All-in-one data plan in one simple bill

Multi-city Tour
The LiveU Global IP truck is making stops in New York, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Phoenix and other major markets across the United States. During the tour, stations receive a look under the hood to see the key components and learn how they can turn an existing satellite truck, SUV or smaller van into a full-service IP satellite/cellular bonded powerhouse. The easy installation, ease of use and ability to connect to the internet to check emails or surf the web in places where there is no bandwidth is what LiveU believes will resonate with broadcasters.

“Stations we have demoed the technology for have been impressed with the vehicle’s covert footprint. The satellite dish is stowed away, and the rest of the technology components are not visible from the exterior,” added Savello. “The speed of the satellite dish’s deployment makes Global IP an attractive option over traditional satellite offerings. You push one button and you are live with a guaranteed connection wherever you are.”