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LiveU Go-Plan

LiveU Go-Plan

The LiveU Go-Plan gives broadcasters the opportunity to maximize their content gathering potential by providing LiveU software access to unlimited users within the organization.  Broadcasters are able to purchase a pool of data every month for use among as many LU-Smart, LU-Lite and integrated Panasonic devices as they need.  Now everyone, from production assistant to journalist to camera person can go live at anytime from anywhere in the world.

LiveU Go-Plan

How the Go-Plan Works


1. Choose your Go-Plan Package

Contact your LiveU Distributor and select the data plan that’s right  for your organization.
To locate your local distributor, either contact us at, or visit our distributors page.


2. Download your device applications

  • LU-Smart - LiveU's Smartphone Application
    LU-Smart can be downloaded right to your mobile device from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. LU-Smart requires Android version 4.2.2 and later or iOS 6 and later.

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  • LU-Lite - LiveU's MacBook Application
    Once enrolled in the Go-Plan, you will be able to recieve LU-Lite software and the unlimited license code from your LiveU presales representative
  • Panasonic - Camera Connections with LiveU's Managment Platform
    After enrollment in the Go-Plan, any Panasonic devices will be added on LiveU Central


3. Register unlimited LU-Smart/Lite or Panasonic cameras to your account

After you enroll in the LiveU Go-Plan, you can easily register unlimited users to your account from LiveU Central.
The registration process can be performed either by sending an e-mail/SMS invitation or just by sharing an association key provided in LiveU Central.


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