Audio Connect

Audio Connect

Suite of advanced cloud-based audio solutions


Ensure professional live event productions using LiveU’s effective cloud-based audio solutions.


LiveU’s Audio Connect offers high-quality and reliable solutions for news anchors and producers in the station to communicate easily with camera operators and talents in the field.

Audio Connect

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Built on LiveU’s cloud-based infrastructure, LiveU Audio Connect offers diverse and simple bi-directional communication between the station and teams on site. Additional audio communication models can also be supported, such as one-to-many and many-to-many, allowing producers to use the optimal audio solution for every need and production scenario.

When using the LU800, Audio Connect supports two separate audio channels, which can be used by the camera operator and the talent.

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Leveraging LiveU’s smart algorithms, LiveU Audio Connect guarantees highest audio resiliency in every session regardless of network fluctuations. The system inherently supports low delay and resilient audio communication.

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LiveU Audio Connect is easy to implement with a quick one-time setup with management handled by the LiveU Central unified management platform.

Simply route your audio signals in the station to one of your existing LiveU servers using an audio interface unit and start communicating with any of your field teams.

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