LiveU Central

LiveU Central

Unified management platform for easy preview and remote control

The LiveU Central management platform allows full control and monitoring of the entire ecosystem and content via any browser-supported computer or tablet, from anywhere around the world.

LiveU Central

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Remote Control

Manage LiveU field units all over the world from a centralized control room or manage broadcasts from the field from the LiveU Control App or any browser-supported device.

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simplified Upgrades

Full software upgrade management & control by customer’s admin user. The target version is set by the customer's admin on LiveU Central and the upgrade is initiated from unit UI by the end user. During the upgrade the progress can be monitored within LiveU Central.

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Full unit monitoring

Integrated Geolocation allows users to track units on a map, and comprehensive signal charts make it simple to monitor connections and performance.

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Single-sign-on (SS0) allows users to enhance system security by logging into LiveU Central using their organizational e-mail/account. 

LiveU SSO enables centralized provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts and enhanced security, supporting enterprise connection, including Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS, SAML, and more.

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