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Bonded Video Decoder

The LU2000 bonded video decoder is used to receive, decode and playout any HEVC/H.264 bonded video streams sent by LiveU’s range of field units. The LU2000 can also be used as a transmission node when sharing video over the LiveU Matrix video management and distribution platform.


LU2000 Diagram 2


The LU2000 comes in a range of configurations, from hardware-hosted MMH software, to cloud server solutions.

It uses LiveU’s Reliable Transport (LRT™) protocol, which includes patented Dynamic Adaptive Bitrate control and Forward Error Correction, allowing the optimization of live video delivery to different SDI and/or IP destinations, dynamically adjusting bitrate and quality for the best viewer experience at any time.

LU2000 Diagram 1

Seamless Integration

The LU2000 can receive multiple preview feeds, allowing the remote operator to select the feed/s that are actually sent out over SDI for local consumption, or streamed over the network for CDN or any other online video streaming.

The LU2000 integrates seamlessly with LiveU’s multi-layered live video ecosystem, allowing operators to monitor and control live streams via LiveU Central, the unified management platform for LiveU’s field and studio units.


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