Feb 28, 2018

How I Produced Youth Day at the Organization of American States (OAS)

Santiago de León is a videographer with years of experience producing videos for corporate companies. Last year, he was contacted by the organization, Venezuelan Students Abroad (EVE) to request his support in a special intervention for Youth Day at the OAS (Organization of American States) in Washington. “For me, it was an honor to be able to serve these young people, but I hadn’t produced live content and was worried about the live broadcast elements especially the connectivity issues and short preparation timeframe. I was aware of the quality and reliability of LiveU’s technology and solutions, so I decided to accept the commitment knowing I would use technology that was trusted by other producers,” commented de León.

The week before OAS’s event, de León installed the LiveU Central system on his computer, activated the LiveU LU500 transmission unit and spoke with technical support. “It was a pleasant experience to receive orientation in Spanish. The LiveU staff was ready to help with kindness and professionalism.”

And the unit did not disappoint.

“The LU500 was extremely intuitive and setup was quick. I put the unit into practice right away with my video camera going live to my social networks,” the videographer added.

However, de León had to wait until he arrived at the OAS headquarters to face the reality of broadcasting live. With only 10 minutes until the live broadcast, de León assembled the teams, connected the system and prepared to go on the air for the first time with LiveU.

“Everything worked perfectly. There were no setbacks. I felt supported by a first-class technical team and the transmission came out impeccable. I recommend the use of LiveU to other videographers; it’s like the big leagues of HD Premium quality streaming video. I want to use it in all my productions.” Santiago de León proclaimed.

The transmission of this session of the OAS is available on the Facebook of Santiago de León and on his website www.santiagodeleonvideographer.com.

How I Produced Youth Day - Image 1