Jun 29, 2018

Live from the Soccer Field to Facebook and Twitch: SAE Institute uses LiveU Technology for Action-Filled Live Broadcast

Live from the Soccer Field to Facebook and Twitch - Image 1

The public tunes in on social media

Kicking off a promising career in the video industry, the young professionals from Cologne’s SAE Institute demonstrated that they can already keep up with experienced video producers when it comes to live sports broadcasts. Equipped with high-level AV gear, they covered this year’s COME-TOGETHER-CUP like real pros. Their job didn’t consist of video production alone. They also brought every single second of the soccer tournament LIVE to social media. When it came to streaming, the SAE Institute didn’t want to take any risks. Therefore, the private media college relied on LiveU’s field-proven uplink solutions. Deploying a LU500, the SAE students streamed the live video signal directly from the soccer grounds to their Facebook page and Twitch channel. This is how they allowed soccer fans all over the world to watch the participating teams – including an SAE alumni team – play to take a stand for tolerance and diversity. Several thousand viewers joined the charity event online, with the live stream reaching a total of 10,000 views.

Live streaming with full bandwidth power

LiveU’s cellular bonding technology enabled the SAE production crew to go live right from the soccer field – even without a local internet line at hand. Drawing on the combined 4G/LTE connections of eight SIM cards, the SAE team members broadcasted the entire COME-TOGETHER-CUP, including backstage interviews with the organizers, in top video quality. Lukas Middelmann, Industry Relations & Career Coach at the SAE Institute in Cologne, draws an utterly positive conclusion after finishing the demanding live production: “There are only a few possibilities to deliver a live stream from a soccer ground where there is no guaranteed internet connection available. Thanks to LiveU, our students were able to live stream the COME-TOGETHER-CUP for not less than 11 ½ hours, gathering useful broadcasting experiences. We were very impressed by the easy handling, the offered mobility as well as the quality and the reliability of the stream.” Throughout the tournament, the SAE team always kept an eye on LiveU Central, LiveU’s unique video management platform allowing the crew to supervise and control their stream in real-time.

Live from the Soccer Field to Facebook and Twitch - Image 2

All-around production talent at work

In order to cover the soccer matches from various angles, the SAE Institute’s video specialists used multiple cameras. One camera produced long shots upon an elevated pedestal, while two ground cameras followed the sports action from the side of the soccer field. Apart from that, a mobile steady cam was deployed, giving the video producers extra flexibility. All camera shots were live cut directly on-site where the SAE students had set up a temporary live production studio. Not only did they switch between different camera perspectives but they also added logos, scoreboards, and pre-recorded video clips to the live video. Moreover, the SAE Institute took care of the audio production. For that purpose, the team’s sound engineers deployed several wireless microphones that captured both the ambient noises as well as the voices of the sports commentators. After embedding the mastered audio track into the video feed, the only thing left to do was to plug the final SDI signal into the LU500. The encoding unit transmitted the video data to one of LiveU’s high-performance cloud servers which eventually delivered the live stream to viewers around the globe.