REMI Production Goes a Long Way for University of Iowa

High-quality, high-volume productions with leaner on-site staff

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LiveU Solutions for Sports

With 24 NCAA Division I teams, the University of Iowa understands the importance of gaining a competitive edge. HawkVision Productions, the school’s digital media arm, has upped its production game with a solution that helps cover more ground (more games covering more athletic programs), while keeping the operational costs down and maintaining high-quality video.

How is this Possible?

The production company has adopted a LiveU REMI Production solution that removes the connectivity and budgetary roadblocks typically associated with covering outdoor sporting events. The solution eliminates the need for a production truck or satellite uplink and brings the production (Tech Director, graphics, Replay Operator, commentators, and the LiveU server to receive the live feeds) to a centralized studio location. The onsite crew includes camera operators capturing the live content via LiveU portable transmission units.

The Challenge

Andy Kromphardt, Assistant Director of HawkVision Productions recalls Wi-Fi issues while covering cross country: “Cross country track and field typically takes place in remote locations. We used a Wi-Fi hotspot to go live in the past, but the results weren’t great.”

The Solution

Since being introduced to the LiveU REMI Production Solution, the production team has been able to seamlessly cover cross country, field hockey, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, and volleyball. They’ve also produced live coverage of football press conferences and plan to cover baseball and softball this spring. The live content is available via Hawkeye subscription services and select games are also available on W24 sports. Big Ten Networks and ESPN have picked up many “plays of the day” from HawkVision’s coverage.

Preserving Gear & Budgets – A Sound Investment

The LiveU REMI Production solution also helps make the HawkVision gear last longer. Because the team only has to send backpacks and cameras to every game they cover, the organization works more efficiently and preserves much of their other production equipment. “The technology allows us to use one location, our home base, to produce Hawkeyes Athletics. And with budgets tighter than ever, the LiveU equipment is a sound investment with a higher return for the school’s overall athletic program,” adds Kromhardt.

"The LiveU has been a good silver bullet. It has cut our production set up time significantly and allowed us to focus on production elements to make the actual productions better."

Anthony Kromphardt, Assistant Director of HawkVision Productions

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